Julie Jameson offers her healing gifts in both individual and group formats. Check the calendar for ongoing classes, upcoming workshops and speaking engagements.

For Individuals:
Energy Healing. Individual sessions may be conducted in person or over the phone. A typical first session is 90 minutes with a fee of $100 per hour.

House Clearing. When moving into a new home or following a major life event, a House Clearing clears the energy and revitalizes your physical space. Time and fees vary based on the size and needs of your home. 

For Groups:
Healing Meditation Classes. These classes bring together the power of meditation with Julie’s unique group healing skills.  Contact Julie to reserve your space today.

Classes & Workshop. Julie offers a variety of classes to assist you in developing your own self-healing toolkit.

Speaking / Teaching. Julie is available to speak at conferences, events and to large groups on Energy Medicine and other healing topics. Please contact Julie directly for availability at your event.

Please contact Julie to schedule an individual or custom group Healing session and check the calendar for ongoing classes, workshops and events.

Purchase a Session
1.0 Hour
@ 100.00
1.5 Hour @ 150.00

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