Julie Jameson is a gifted and experienced Energy Healer who has the unique ability to “read” places of contracted energy as reflected in blockages in your body, mind, emotions or spirit. Guided by intuition, Julie employs an array of tools to facilitate transmuting blocked energy to openness, ease, and love. Julie’s healing practice is rooted in the belief that “everything, including healing, can be profound yet easy.” Julie helps to strip away the perception that we’re out of touch with our own grace, joy and love – that we are all Divinely created.

Julie Jameson began her journey using Energy Medicine to heal her life from the mindset and choices that came from a troubled childhood and resulted in illness and a crisis that made her question the way she was leading her life. She sought out the energetic tools that allowed her to transform and heal her life and proceeded to uncover her own capacity to heal others.  Her passion to facilitate healing with individuals and groups is rooted in constant learning and exploration of new ways to make her gifts even more effective. (click here to continue.)

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